Take advantage of the washbasin cabinet

Having one of those wonderful bathroom furniture in which the sink is encastrado does not mean that we take all the party. Sometimes we end up using that space in an impractical way, placing the objects in any way and without taking full advantage of all the possibilities that space offers us.

Organization of the washbasin 1

In principle it is a space limited by the basin of the built-in sink but this does not prevent us from using the empty space that remains. With a little mischief and some organizers we can save in this space much more than we think.

Organization of the washbasin 2

Installing hangers on doors we can take advantage of these to hang hangers of pants that will serve us to hang a toilet bag or some electrical device like the iron for the hair or the dryer.

Organization of the washbasin 3

As it is usually a rather dark place we can place led lights Easy to install as they work with batteries. We will do very well to find what we are looking for and not make mistakes.

Organization of the washbasin 4

Small boxes or filing cabinets They go great to keep all that world of small objects that girls need for their daily fix. With a little ingenuity you will find new utilities to objects that you have almost forgotten at home.

Organization of the washbasin 5

Decorated boxes open They are perfect for those small bottles, instruments and tools that we have thus perfectly located at first glance. As you can see, it is not necessary to spend too much, because most of the elements of organization can be done ourselves with cardboard boxes and decorated paper.

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