Take advantage of the wardrobe: how to organize it

Sometimes organize the interior of the wardrobe It can become an impossible task if we have trouble maintaining order or do not have enough space. So that this does not happen, it is important to keep a series of guidelines and divide the clothes according to the characteristics of each garment, so that the most delicate, such as shirts, do not suffer in the attempt.

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Most of the cabinets come equipped with a series of shelves and drawers that allow us to separate the clothes according to their category or season: the underwear, in the drawer; the socks, idem; dress shirts, on hangers; the jerseys, to the shelf ... It is easy when it becomes a routine, and this affects the state of conservation of the clothes themselves and also facilitates their rapid location.

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If the closet is large enough, we can also store in it the typical toiletries such as towels. This allows us to organize ourselves even better, because you do not always have enough space to keep everything ... The shelves will be, in this case, your best ally. If they are removable, much better! You can accommodate them to your liking, depending on the piles of clothes that you are going to put on.

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But in addition to clothing, there are also other accessories that we have to keep, such as shoes, bags, hats ... There is not always room for everything! Some cabinets include a small drawer at the bottom that serves as a shoe rack. The bags also need their own space: hanging them on the doorknob is not a good solution, believe me. It is best to set up your own shelf for them or place a small hanger behind the door.

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Drawers for your bags, shoes and costume jewelery:

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Locate your shoes quickly:

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Another effective solution is to have a double bar: the highest, for long garments (coats, dresses) and another lower bar for short or foldable garments, for example pants.

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The ties also need their own space: folded in a drawer, or in the classic tie, many of them adaptable to put in the closet. As you can see, organizing is easy if we establish an order and respect it, and we use small solutions to expand the closet space.

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