Take advantage of different objects such as bedside tables

It is very common to reuse objects or furniture to give them another utility. Not only does this help pocket, but it also helps when creating new and suggestive decorations, where style and creativity prevail over other factors. These proposals will indicate us part of the way, in this case how to take advantage of various objects such as nightstands .

Different bedside tables 1

Some are very vintage objects, like this staircase (see image above) in which the passage of time has left its mark to give us an apparently useless object, but certainly as a night table has no rival. In addition we can take advantage of each step to decorate it to our liking. We can do the same with old suitcases, trunks or bins. Vintage style with personality and zero budget.

Different bedside tables 2

Night tables 3

Even a tree trunk can serve as a beautiful bedside table to place the alarm clock and a lamp. We can always give it a layer of varnish to make it look lustrous and, if you dare, you can even add some color to it.

Various night tables 4

All these ideas, in addition to those that occur to you, are very viable and will give a lot of personality to the room. Many of the objects that accompany us on a day-to-day basis have that capacity to serve other purposes, and this is just one of them. That is the magic of certain objects in our home.

Various night tables 5

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