Take advantage of benches as decorative accessories

We have become accustomed to seeing this type of elongated seats in parks or on the street, but they can also be given a domestic use and take a great advantage as an accessory. It is something that many of you sure you have already tried in your own homes. And is that the banks they can be an excellent decorative complement given their multifunctional nature.

Decoration with banks 1

Banks can be used to dress indoor or outdoor spaces, to use as a decorative piece without another function, or to give them a practical use in different rooms of the house. In the halls of rustic style it is very common to find a small wooden bench that acts as a seat and place to store shoes or umbrellas.

Decoration with banks 2

This type of seating can be a great extra place, or else the usual seating place in a small dining room or living room. In this sense, they are very practical in styles such as the shabby chic, in vintage, rustic, classic or with a retro touch. With a more modernist touch, they can also be excellent decorative pieces.

Decoration with benches 3

Here is an example of how to take advantage of bench seats to decorate a practical dining room, making the most of available space:

Decoration with banks 4

In outdoor spaces, wooden benches are the best complement to furnish gardens, patios and terraces. With them, clearly rustic environments are benefited, getting a much more natural charm.

Decoration with banks 5

With a coat of paint, we will turn them into discreet furniture-accessories to create magnificent places of rest.

Decoration with benches 6

Photos: arqhys.com

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