Tables and outdoor livings

For those who are living the summer, and those who are waiting for the first heats of spring, this post is for all of you! Ideas to have a good meal outdoors and establish our rooms or outdoor livings. Let's enjoy nature and forget our worries.
Color, joy, design and nature ... everything goes hand in hand in perfect harmony.

Tables and outdoor livings-04

A room in a high gallery and full of light. Lavender brings a unique and incredible touch to the decoration. The combination with turquoise, white and toasted fills our soul. It is ideal for those who enjoy the protagonist colors in their proper measure.

Tables and outdoor livings-01

An outdoor deck with barbecue. Rustic, a union of materials such as wood and stone. Light, in its right measure and an ideal place to relax while making a good steak meat.

Tables and outdoor livings-02

A room or living, more personal and intimate. Light, color, simplicity, elegance and a lot of nature contributed by the diversity of plants.

Tables and outdoor livings-03

Using the gallery that gives the garden to plant a small table to share intimate meals, is a good option to enjoy these spaces. A more elegant decoration, classic style, framed in a gallery where it is known to capture natural light completely, always being protected from the sun's rays.

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A beautiful terrace overlooking the sea, is the ideal space for our relaxing corner. These are the advantages of having a house with an ocean view. Nature and the sea breeze surrounds us, transforms us and makes us enjoy a space like this one!

Tables and outdoor livings-06

More private, a worthy corner of the house of our grandparents or our parents. Under an old vine, an old table, with old chairs, all painted but maintaining their age are the perfect setting for an inviting and family lunch.

Tables and outdoor livings-07

Take advantage of the internal patio of our apartment or our house, look for a small game of old garden or that of the grandmother and let's assemble that corner to get together with our friends to share secrets ...

Tables and outdoor livings-08

When you look at this room, the first thing you feel is a sense of peace. White, light, cotton fabrics, rustic wood furniture, climbing vines and the air beating on our face. Just perfect!

Tables and outdoor livings-09

As you can see, using the antique furniture of the house or our family to raise our corners, gives an intimate and personal touch very attractive. It is incredible how with simple details, and that many times we have stored at home without using, we can create rest spaces like these.

Tables and outdoor livings-10

One last idea, but already in our gardens. Even in autumn we can enjoy a time under the shade or branches of an old walnut, or pine. Read, have a tea or just spend some time thinking. The view that will give our garden a decoration that is very attractive. Everyone will want to spend a few minutes resting at that table ...
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