Symbolism and decoration

In decoration we use a large number of objects, figures and elements that also change with the fashions and trends of the moment. But do we know that most of them, if not all, have a symbolic meaning? The symbolism was a artistic movement that was born at the end of the 19th century , began in literature with figures such as Rimbaud, Poe, Mallarmé, Verlaine and others and went on to other arts such as painting and sculpture. But in all civilizations and cultures there has been symbolism, objects and figures, colors and geometric shapes, have been ways of representing human states, emotions and dreams.

Symbolism in decoration 1

The Peacock symbolizes the renewal and immortality . In ancient times it was believed that the peacock never died but was reborn again by renewing its feathers annually. In him the symbolism of the eye is united by the drawing of the feathers of the tail with those circles of color. The eye has always been a symbol with positive as negative connotations, the eye that sees everything, the sun, the representation of Horus in Ancient Egypt.

Symbolism in decoration 2

The cage It also has a great symbolic charge, especially in some cultures. It symbolizes the lack of freedom but also the opposite when it is represented with the door open or the cage empty .

Symbolism in decoration 3

The pineapple It has been a natural element very represented in decorative arts and architecture. Is a symbol of hospitality and hospitality .

Symbolism in decoration 4

The fleur de lis It is another classic in architectural and decorative ornamentation since time immemorial. The French royal house adopted this symbol as its own as early as 1300 although in the temple of Istar in Mesopotamia a similar symbol appears in the year 575 a. C. The fleur de lis is a symbol of honor, purity and loyalty .

Symbolism in decoration 5

Buddha symbolizes perfection , the last state to which a person can aspire according to Buddhist teachings. We must follow some guidelines when placing a Buddha figure in our house. You have to stand with your back to the wall, never in a window, in an elevated position and you should not be looking west or the bathroom, let alone inside it.

Symbolism in decoration 6

The coral , authentic, it symbolizes the force of life since it is considered to carry the power of the ocean. It is said to protect against theft and accidents and to stimulate positive internal changes.

Symbolism in decoration 7

The Palm tree symbolizes victory and immortality . The ancient Greeks and Romans rewarded the victors with palm leaves. He is also represented on many occasions with Christ as a symbol of his immortality.


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