Swiss house spacious and stylish

Built on a small plot of land surrounded by greenery, this majestic house built in Switzerland benefits from the idyllic setting of the geography of the place. Its impressive facade already gives an idea of ​​what we are going to find inside: a lot of style and spaciousness. The vertiginous height, with four floors, makes this house a privileged home, as there are up to three terraces at different altitudes.

A lovely Swiss house 1

In the grounds, very green thanks to the thick vegetation, there is a pool and a small plot covered with wooden planks. A beautiful staircase gives way to the house from a rustic-style outdoor dining room.

A lovely Swiss house 2

A lovely Swiss house 3

Inside the house we find a really spacious and diaphanous space. The kitchen and dining room are connected in the same area, although spatially differentiated. Wood and white complement each other, creating a warm and welcoming interior. The decoration is sober and contemporary, there is nothing missing, nor, what about. We are in a very balanced interior, designed to relax to the maximum and get lost in one of its innumerable rooms. Stresses the impressive window from which you can see the beautiful outdoor trees.

A charming Swiss house 4

A lovely Swiss house 5

A charming Swiss house 6

Natural light is essential in this house, highlighting each of its nooks and crannies. The empty space increases its dimensions and creates an atmosphere of absolute tranquility. A unique environment both outside and inside.

A charming Swiss house 7

A charming Swiss house 8

A lovely Swiss house 9


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