Swimming pools: an intelligent cleaning

At the time of building a pool is very important professional advice on the elements and accessories that help us to maintain optimal water conditions, especially if when the cold arrives we want to keep the water clean.


There is a series of products, filtering and heating systems for swimming pools that must be taken into account before their construction. A water purification equipment can be installed easily without the need to incur high costs. This system performs filtering, backwash, drainage and bottom cleaning processes that guarantee the total transparency of the water.
It consists of: the skimmer (which cleans the surface), the bottom cleaner socket, the self-priming electropump with hair trap, and the sand filter.
The choice of equipment is made according to the volume of the pool. In addition, whatever the size of the equipment, it will always be possible to filter all the water in the pool, so it will be necessary to be clear about the amount of time you want to have the equipment working.
Other products that ensure the purity of water are solid chlorine, flocculent clarifiers and algaecides. The clarifiers agglomerate the particles and deposit them in the bottom so that they are then eliminated with the cleaner, while the algaecides prevent the formation of algae and fungi.
Finally, some ornamental products should be considered, such as underwater and dichroic projectors, whose designs and colors bring a great category to the pool.


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