Swimming pool night lighting

To get a good illumination From the pool at night you can choose different types of spotlights: from LED submersible lamps to exterior lights that surround the enclosure. These ideas can help us if we are looking for an illumination: it always comes in handy, especially if it's a matter of taking a relaxing nighttime bath.

Lighting of swimming pools 1

The LED lamps are modern and their lighting is dynamic and intense. Some models can be submerged in water, because they are harmless. Many of them are also used to illuminate water sources. In addition, they consume very little energy, which makes them durable. They can remain floating in the water, giving rise to a beautiful visual spectacle.

Lighting of swimming pools 2

Another idea is to place small outdoor spotlights in order to illuminate the edges of the pool. You can also light up from the inside of the pool and not miss a detail while diving, the classic option for lovers of water baths in the light of the moon.

Lighting of swimming pools 3

Pool lighting 4

Those looking for more oriental lighting can use bowls of candles, lava lamps and other incandescent flames by the water. The light achieved will be more intimate and sensual.

Lighting of swimming pools 5

Photos: enchufix.com

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