Super romantic and feminine rooms

This selection of romantic and feminine rooms invites you to rest and be seduced by the beauty of its details. Devised in different colors and full of sensational objects, in all of them there is a common denominator: the warmth of its colors and the textures used.

Romantic and feminine decor 1

We distinguish in each detail a careful choice, something that underlines that feminine world, through a floral accessory or a vaporous fabric. Pastel colors like this that immerse us in our own universe:

Romantic and feminine decor 2

Romantic and feminine decor 3

To give that necessary romantic tone we can opt for a contrast of floral prints and play with the visual elements creating a tapestry of colors and sensations.

Romantic and feminine decor 4

White is always a favorable color for bedrooms, guarantee of beauty and light. In this bedroom joins accessories with gold finish and romantic style to set a beautiful period space:

Romantic and feminine decor 5

Romantic and feminine decor 6

As we said, fabrics have an important role in these bedrooms. We can use vaporous textures, silks and tulles, and also tapestries, to emphasize that taste for the romantic and the delicate.

Romantic and feminine Decor 7

Romantic and feminine decor 8

Romantic and feminine decor 10

The pastel colors, traditionally associated with the feminine, are the most common options for these trends, as it can also be red, the passionate color par excellence.

Romantic and feminine decor 11

Vintage accessories, dressers, large headboards and mirrors are some of the accessories that will help you highlight that sentimental and dreamy side.

Romantic and feminine Decor 12

Romantic and feminine Decor 13

There are timeless spaces, places open to fantasy, more urban rooms but with those touches of glamor that help reinvent styles ... in short, they are bedrooms made for romantic women, for the most dreamy and idealistic.

Romantic and feminine Decor 14

Romantic and feminine decor 15

Romantic and feminine Decor 16


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