Summer decoration with surfboards

The surfboards they are that type of elements that we immediately identify with the sea, the waves and the summer. In the decorative plane can be accessories as great as any other. The presence of these surfboards denote a taste for nautical environments, in styles as varied as rustic or classic to the most pop.


In the following indoor environments, surfboards have been used to decorate. A refreshing and original idea to create summery and youthful atmospheres. From a beautiful corner, these tables remind us that summer is the perfect time to experience sensations to the limit. And that, when it comes to decorating, there is nothing written: you have to be seduced by new ideas.



There are as many models of surfboards as we can imagine. Whether you are lovers of this sport or not, you can use the boards to decorate any place in the house, from the hall to the living room, bedroom or bathroom.



Its particular shape makes these objects beautiful monuments-tribute to the sea and the waves. They can be left resting on the wall, as if it were an object or a sculpture, or hanging on the wall, and even the ceiling.



They are a great complement for youth rooms. The kids will love having a surfboard in their room, with electric colors and designs to match the rest of the bedroom.



There are those who even dare to decorate their bathroom with one, with marine motifs, recreating a marine atmosphere very appropriate for these spaces of the home. We can complete with colors as refreshing as blue or white and nautical motifs of all kinds: stripes, boats, anchors, rudders, waves ...



Also in other spaces of the house, such as a corridor or a living room, these tables will not go unnoticed, introducing a note of color, an original vision of the most contemporary current trends.



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