Suitcases: the vintage detail that is missing in your home

Suitcases, in addition to travel accessories, are the kind of objects that collectors like very much. One of the most attractive trends in interior decoration is decorating different places with vintage style suitcases . Its timeless air fits into very diverse spaces, offering a taste for detail and for creating elegant decorations.

Decorate with suitcases 1

By vintage we will understand all those objects that were a trend in the past, and that now come back with strength as exclusive, unique pieces, with an added value.

Decorate with suitcases 2

In this sense, the idea of ​​incorporating suitcases into the decoration fits perfectly into this collector trend and, as we see, one of the most attractive ideas is to use them as a nightstand, incorporating two or three suitcases, one on top of the other.

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The beauty of these objects can go beyond what is simply decorative to offer us other possibilities such as furniture. Lined with foam, they can be a seat.

Decorate with suitcases 4

Or, if we want it, why not, also a shelf for our most precious objects.

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Nor should we lose sight of their storage capacity and return them to their original use, to store all those things that we do not want them to be in view.

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If they are small, they can be used to create some inspired centerpieces.

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At the foot of the bed, they also contribute a lot to the decoration. A subtle style, a love for details. And they can also be an extra space to store objects.

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Decorate with suitcases 12

In the garden, an old suitcase can be the perfect flowerpot for our most beloved flowers.

Decorate with suitcases 13

Decorate with suitcases 14

Decorate with suitcases 15

More ideas for vintage suitcases: create incredible decorations, like this tower of suitcases superimposed, to the urban sculpture.

Decorate with suitcases 16

Decorate with suitcases 17

Decorate with suitcases 18

In different colors, painted or lined with comics, magazines, newspaper ... the suitcases are the best complement for any bedroom.

Decorate with suitcases 19

Decorating with suitcases 20

With imagination and a bit of homemade DIY, we can also turn a closed suitcase into a shelf:

Decorating with suitcases 21

Decorating with suitcases 22

Decorate with suitcases 23

Decorating with suitcases 24

Decorate with suitcases 25

As we see, there are many and very different uses to liven up the decoration of the house with these genuine vintage accessories.

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