Stylish rooms in lavender color

Among the different proposals to fill a colorful house, the lavender It is presented as a very interesting color option. Not only because it is able to adapt to all kinds of styles, but because within its range it can evolve from a more subtle and elegant tone to one with more vivid nuances.

Livings in lavender color 1

That subtlety of which we speak is what is presented in this first proposal: we are facing a lavender color that merges with classicism of the stay and adds, in turn, sophistication. The lavender it mixes with colors cream, beige and golden of the accessories to find a balance point that transmits a lot of harmony to the whole.

There is a lot of serenity and beauty in this room where lavender is an excellent option from the tapestry of the armchairs where it rests even in the floral decorations that decorate the coffee table.

Livings in lavender color 2

In this other proposal, lavender reaches a different volume, becoming more energic to the combine with colors so electrifying like the orange from the sofa. The classicism of the global style is overcome thanks to this cheerful combination of colors that brings to the space as much energy as dynamism. The figurative prints in lavender play very elegantly in this environment.

Lavender color 3

Classic or with a more avant-garde point, we already see how lavender is a reference color for interior designers and decorators, who take advantage of all the subtlety of this range to create much more stylized atmospheres.

Livings in lavender color 4


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