Stylish radiator covers

Sometimes the visualization of a radiator in the middle of the room can break with the decorative harmony. If they are not beautiful pieces or clash with the rest of the furniture, we must cover them so that they go unnoticed. We can cover them with the strategic placement of other furniture that dissimulate their presence, or use a very effective ally: radiator covers .

Design radiators 1

With these supports, which can be made of wood or other more stylish materials such as lacquer or enamel, it is possible to adequately camouflage the radiator so that it is integrated into the style of the room. If we have more than one in the same room, we can also play with different types of coverings, obtaining a dynamic decoration and rich in contrasts.

Design radiators 2

Design radiators 3

Design radiators 4

We can take advantage of the radiator covers to add a note of color, a decorative detail or another type of contribution that enhances the stay with a subtle but effective addition.

Design radiators 5

Design radiators 6

In terms of design, the radiator covers have been added to the latest decorative trends, and the formats that can be found in the market are varied and with an innovative and very careful structure.

Design radiators 7

Design radiators 8

In addition to fulfilling this function, these structures allow us to isolate the heating completely, especially when it is too strong and emits a lot of heat. Thus, these types of coverings offer us an added value, in addition to the purely aesthetic.

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