Style your staircase with these 5 ideas

As I always say who has a ladder has a treasure. It is that the stairs seem to me an element so attractive and to which it can be taken so much advantage that if by me it would put stairs in all the houses, although they did not lead anywhere. I guess I like them so much because of that compendium of lines that are stairs, parallel, diagonal, tangent ... all the repertoire of linear geometry concentrated in a single space.

Stylish staircase 1

To improve the appearance of our staircase we can basically resort to the carpets In addition, it is so nice to climb a few steps with the cushioning of a carpet that when you try it you can not resist. Although as in everything there are exceptions and not everyone likes to have a carpet on the stairs. Although sometimes I even share the opinion, that magnificent double flight of stairs that we see in the top picture does not need to dress with anything, its own nakedness is its best attribute.

Stylish staircase 2

But let's suppose that you are not so purist and prefer to have a carpet on your staircase. Which to choose? That is the question, everything will depend on the style in which the house is basically decorated. In a beach house or country house decorated in rustic style a lovely rustic style striped rug It will be perfect.

Stylish staircase 3

On the other hand, in a sophisticated environment where everything is black and white we will achieve a great effect with a great black and white striped carpet like the one in the upper image. A real coup d'état.

Stylish staircase 4

We can also opt for a geometric design , especially if the rest of the decoration of the house is not so extremely tributary of the most radical minimalism.

Stylish staircase 5

For a more eclectic decoration a beautiful sisal carpet or another natural fiber. It will combine with almost any type of decoration and creates a fresh, natural and exotic environment.


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