Style your balcony with these proposals

Especially in cities, where the outer space of houses is a scarce and expensive commodity, we must know how to make the most of the balcony. Today we want to show you some decorative proposals that will make yours an elegant and practical place to enjoy the outdoors at home. It is not easy to decorate a balcony, that goes ahead, since its shape and size complicate the task a lot. But do not despair because studying the images that we attach you can get the most out of your balcony.

Balcony ideas 1

Although it is a simple balcony we can transform it into an elegant and sophisticated space, we just have to let ourselves be guided by our instinct and do a good job.

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Balcony ideas 3

But it is not necessary either to make a large investment, a good combination of small furniture and plants can be more effective than buying expensive accessories.

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Balcony ideas 5

As you may have observed, it is important, I would say that it is fundamental to worry about the floor of the balcony. Generally they are not aesthetic and pleasant, it is interesting for our comfort to create a covering that brings beauty and warmth. Some type of wood floor for outdoor can be a good solution and there are also very easy to install. And since there is little space that has to be covered, we will not get anything expensive and we can do it ourselves. The carpets type kilim or vegetable fibers will also be fantastic and give warmth to the environment.

Balcony ideas 6

Balcony ideas 7

Balcony ideas 8

Balcony ideas 9

The furniture that we will need for our balcony will logically depend on the dimensions of it. The basic furniture will be chairs and a table, from here we can add whatever we want. If we have enough space we can create a small and comfortable seating area by installing a bench that we will cover with cushions to make it more comfortable and cozy.

Balcony ideas 11

Balcony ideas 12

Balcony ideas 13

Balcony ideas 14

Balcony ideas 15

The plants, on a balcony, are an indispensable decorative complement. It's a wonderful way to have a little bit of Nature at home. If we have put rugs, we will be careful when watering them so they do not stain them.

Balcony ideas 16

Balcony ideas 17

Balcony ideas 18

As you can see the proposals are many and of all levels but in general they are simple and easy to do. Anyone can have one of these beautiful balconies, at least in regard to the interior decoration, the landscape, that's another song.

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