Style kitchens with little investment

How to give your kitchen a new air without getting into complicated and expensive reforms ?. Follow these tips that we will detail below and you can renew your kitchen without shaking the family budget. They are simple changes and additions that will give a new look to your kitchen.

Renovated kitchens 1

An excellent way to renew the appearance of your kitchen without changing anything is to choose a color for the accessories. Then over time we can change them according to the trends and that without excessive cost. With an excellent neutral base like the one in the kitchen in the upper image, we can easily change the color of the accessories.

Renovated Kitchens 2

A change that is based on the same previous concept, but with a little more investment, the kitchen and sink area with a coating of tiles in bright colors, like this wonderful turquoise, gives a touch of light and life to a neutral environment and serious.

Renovated Kitchens 3

A bright, simple and neutral space can be transformed completely according to the color of the accessories. So simply with the change or addition of these will completely change the look of the kitchen. Something as simple as a collection of bottles of champagne or beer will bring a striking color to a simple kitchen.

Renovated kitchens 4

Once again the curtains are those great saviors of any space, changing the curtains for ones elaborated in current fabrics and in fashionable colors will change the kitchen.

Renovated Kitchens 5

A classic bench, upholstered in velvet, gives an elegant and sophisticated look to this kitchen of stainless steel appliances and cabinets. A vintage touch mixed with modern appliances is a good combination.

Renovated kitchens 6

This impressive semiprofessional kitchen gains a warmer and more familiar appearance with the exposure of copper pots and pans on shelves in the air. A retro-vintage air of high flights.


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