Style kitchens for your next renovation

Do you go around reforming your kitchen or not? Can not you decide, you're afraid to get into something so fat? Well I'm not going to tell you that it is not, all the renovations that we carry out at home are expensive and uncomfortable but without suffering there is no overcoming. I look like a self-help guru! No, seriously we all know that the works and facilities have their negative part that is more than compensated when we can enjoy the final result. Let's see then some ideas that you can put into practice or inspire you in the next renovation of your kitchen.

Kitchen ideas 1

If you like the rustic style but resolved with elegance, white as the predominant color, the shabby chic is a very important option to consider.

Kitchen ideas 2

Geometry and color is what this retro air kitchen offers us in neutral colors and where the color note is provided by the accessories.

Kitchen ideas 3

Green island and as a reflection painted with a Vichy design also in green. Another example of how to give life to a kitchen based on a neutral color such as white.

Kitchen ideas 4

The black cabinets give a sophisticated air to this kitchen, air that is relaxed by the use of blue on the countertop, knobs and glass hanging cabinets. A very original combination.

Kitchen ideas 5

This retro look can be achieved quickly and economically. An original and easy idea for your holiday home, a cabin or similar.

Kitchen ideas 6

The combination of colors, in lamps and accessories, reminds us of the 60s and 70s of the last century, but the furniture is modern. A smart way to prepare an easy-to-change decoration at any time.

Kitchen ideas 7

Another kitchen with a rustic air but with elegance and sophistication. Of those that transmit character. One option to consider.

Kitchen ideas 8

You can not miss our selection of kitchens to inspire your next renovation the odd example of industrial and unfinished kitchen. This is certainly a good example of both styles combined.

Kitchen ideas 9

Return to the smoothness of lines and colors. Beautiful, seventies and sweet. A beautiful combination that transports us to the best of past eras.

Kitchen ideas 10

Kitchen ideas 11

Kitchen ideas 12

There are so many options! So many styles! But you know that for sure you already have an idea or a special taste for a style. It's just about taking the step and building a solid base on which to complete the puzzle.

Kitchen ideas 13

Kitchen ideas 14

Kitchen ideas 15

The styles of rustic air, those of the 50s, 60s and 70s are very popular. But you have to start from an important evidence: how long are you willing to have the same kitchen? That is, if you project a renovation, how long should it last? It's hard to think that something you're going to do with all your enthusiasm and enthusiasm is not going to be eternal but that's the way it is. All this comes to that generally the decorative styles vary with time and what takes today in ten years may be totally obsolete and out of tune.

Kitchen ideas 16

Kitchen ideas 17

Kitchen ideas 18

To avoid that inconvenience there are a couple of simple rules. If the renovation you project is not long-term, you have no problem, decide on what you like most, period. On the other hand, if you expect it to last for many years, try to start from a neutral base that you can easily transform simply by changing the complements. As you have seen in some of the examples you can get wonders by simply changing some furniture, tables and chairs, kitchen utensils and decorative objects.

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