Style ideas for shelves

The shelves are a great solution to store and organize our things but they can also be a great decorative element if we know how to treat them properly. Next we are going to show you a few ideas so that you can order your house with style.

Shelves 1

The baskets are very practical and decorative. The top shelf with the baskets is perfect because it also combines with the wicker chair and the carrycot on the floor next to the desk.

Shelves 2

In the kitchen can even supply hanging cabinets like this one that we show you. It combines integrated shelves and wooden shelves with metal brackets. A way to give a rustic, vintage and industrial touch at the same time.

Shelves 3

A simple bookcase in a corner can serve as support for a lamp. Two committed in one and very little.

Shelves 4

This idea is great if you want your kitchen to have a vintage look without having to invest a lot. A collection of old wooden boxes hung on the wall are extraordinary shelves.

Shelves 5

If one is a little handyman and is good at cutting wood and building furniture can take advantage of any corner of the house to install shelves.

Shelves 6

A simple low shelf placed in front of a window or glass is an excellent way to take advantage of the space. In addition both the situation and the design of the shelf are very easy to carry out by anyone.

Shelves 7

To the shelves, of any type, they can be squeezed to the maximum by placing hooks on the bottom and thus be able to hang the cups for example.

Shelves 8

A shelf of great visual impact made with simple melamine boards. It can also be done with a vertical shelf installed horizontally or a complement for cabinets and dressing rooms.


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