Style and color in the bedding

The linens It is the perfect complement to brighten a bedroom without having to invest a lot of money. With it we can introduce very different colors in this space that contrast or combine with other elements of the room.

Bedding 1

For bedding we talk about quilts, sheets, pillows and cushions, whose designs are key to mark style inside the bedrooms. There are endless ranges of colors and patterns that will help us create this suggestive style in a very easy way.

Bedding 2

Bedding 3

From bohemian chic styles with a psychedelic point to a much more classical aesthetic, the flattering designs of these proposals can help you to take note of what you like most.

Bedding 4

Ethnic chic styles, something more classic in mint green combined with a pearl gray, flashes of color with juvenile prints, funny little animals for the bedroom of the kids ... The bed linen offers many stylistic games with which we can take much advantage to make let the style and color come fully into our favorite resting space.

Bedding 6

Bedding 5

Choose the color that goes with your style, being clear that both the colors and the design will also help you to create a climate that favors nighttime sleep, and this is as important as knowing how to combine wisely with style and harmony.

Bed linen 7

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