Stunning kitchens in Scandinavian rustic style

The Scandinavian style also has its own version of rustic or country aesthetics. Inspired by the traditional country houses and the wooden cabins of the woods this rustic Scandinavian is charming. Below we will see some examples of kitchens decorated in this rustic style that we can use both in our home and in a holiday home.


As it could not be otherwise, the rustic Scandinavian is based above all on the use of wood. It is the most abundant material in those lands of the North with its infinite forests.


Wooden furniture in a rough finish, without great filigree and even with the wood hardly brushed and bleached with "milk paint" style paint.


It is also quite common in the decorations of Scandinavian rustic style to add some element of industrial air that helps to highlight that feeling of rusticity that is intended to cause.



On other occasions it is preferred to recreate a more rustic environment that reminds a lot of the English cottage style, although of course, regardless of prints and floral motifs.



The wooden tables and chairs are essential in a kitchen decorated in Scandinavian rustic style. In both cases you can opt for natural wood or painted white or black preferably.


This kitchen with its corner stove, typically Scandinavian, can not hide its origin and is a perfect example of what we are dealing with.



Although the most classic option for covering floors is wood, the truth is that a Scandinavian rustic style kitchen with cement floor and natural wood furniture is perfect.




There are many ways as you can see to decorate a kitchen in Scandinavian rustic style and admits more variants than at first we can think. Not everything is reduced to black and white and little else, there are many more variables to get a kitchen that we find attractive.



The main feature of a kitchen in Scandinavian rustic style is to get a warm atmosphere while clean and fresh. A neutral environment in which play with textures and natural materials is of great importance.


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