Stunning contemporary style apartment

Located in the historical center of Vilnius in Lithuania this apartment Contemporary style It is an example of what the architectural peculiarities of a home can contribute to the design of a home. The specifics of an apartment located on the top of a sloping roof makes the whole house dominated by oblique lines.


What could be a great difficulty has become an important part of the character of the apartment. These lines and angles give the house a special flavor where living is very pleasant. The design of the apartment has been resolved by creating an open space that is interrupted only by the lines of the roof.


The surface of the apartment is not very big, only 64 square meters, but with an intelligent design it has managed to create a different and tremendously attractive space. Accompanied by minimalist furniture, the apartment is cozy and spacious.


The collection of derportivas slippers of the owner has been integrated into the decoration. It is a very good way to give personality to any home.


Natural light is used to the maximum to illuminate the small apartment and the floor acts as an integrating element of the different areas of the house.


The kitchen follows the general pattern and is hardly a furnished corner that hardly reveals its true purpose.


The bedroom is located in a part of the apartment where the bed has been installed right between the two roof waters. This pyramidal shape offers a great decorative effect in itself with hardly any more additions.


The bathroom becomes the only isolated area of ​​the whole and this for obvious reasons.


The bedroom as we see here is only separated from the rest of the apartment by a wall that gives sufficient privacy.


The views are also important in the decorative set of this elegant and sophisticated apartment. Few views of course as those of the wonderful historical center of the beautiful city of Vilnius.


The bathroom decorated in gray tones and furniture and accessories in white fits perfectly into the general air of the apartment.


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