Studios for artists on the island of Fogo

The island of Fogo is located near Newfoundland, on the east coast of Canada, is a rocky island that juts into the North Atlantic. The island of Fogo and the nearby Cambio islands have some of the oldest settlements in the country, and the traditional economy of its inhabitants, the cod fishery, has been affected by changes in the world economy. The entrepreneur Zita Cobb, a native of the island, created the Shorefast Foundation to try to revitalize the island. From this foundation emerged the Corporation for the Arts of the island of Fogo that initiated a project for the construction of a hotel with 29 rooms and a network of studios for artists from all over the world to work on the island.

Unusual studies 1

Distributed by diverse coastal areas of the island, the original studies with an area of ​​30 square meters they offer a wild location and an isolation only disturbed by the noise of the North Atlantic. The Foundation commissioned the studies project to the architect Todd Saunders , who lives in Norway although he is a native of Newfoundland, his work is usually done normally in the North Atlantic.

Unusual studies 2

Unusual studies 3

Unusual studies 4

Facing the sea, the studios offer their residents a perfect view of the weather extremes and seasonal changes. Each studio has a unique design and is connected to one of the island's communities. The first study that was built in 2010 was the one closest to the hotel.

Unusual studies 5

Unusual studies 6

Unusual studies 7

The study Long It is an elevated structure on pillars that takes off from the ground to look over the Atlantic. In the image below the study Tower it is the only raised one and presents a structure like an origami figure.

Unusual studies 8

Unusual studies 9

The study Tower It has 50 square meters of plant and is located on the north coast of the island. On a rocky and flat stretch where the mirrors reflect the tortuous line of the studio.


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