Studio or loft, differences

Choose between a study and a typical apartment loft Sometimes it can be difficult since there are some similarities between these two types of property. However, there are also big differences that can be crucial in some cases. We will try to find some of them and see what exactly sets a studio apart from a loft apartment.

Differences between loft and study 1

When you think of any of these two types of apartments, size is usually an important factor. A studio has only one or two rooms, while a loft can be much larger. On the other hand, a loft also offers you the possibility of dividing the space into smaller areas. The loft apartments are usually created in old shops or factories. That space is transformed into apartment-sized units that usually have high ceilings and diaphanous floors.

Differences between loft and studio 2

Geographic location is another important factor that determines the difference between a studio and a loft. The loft apartments are generally found in urban areas. The studies are very widespread and can basically be found anywhere. The studies are more numerous and more economically accessible. Lofts, on the other hand, are more scarce and tend to have a high price.

Differences between loft and studio 3

The functionality of these two types of apartments also differs. The studies are small and suitable for couples or for a single person. The loft apartments are excellent options for large families, as they offer more space and flexibility. The lofts can also be demanded as offices, dance studios, shops and much more.

Differences between loft and studio 4

Another important factor in determining the difference between studios and lofts is the cost. The studies are more accessible and easy to maintain. When you have less space to warm up in winter and cool down in the summer, the costs go down considerably. You also have to buy less furniture in a studio apartment. In the case of a loft, the conditions are very different. The lofts are usually found in old buildings, usually poorly insulated and therefore you have to spend more money on heating and electricity. The lofts are more expensive than the studios and are classified as luxury, both for the money that has to be spent to acquire it and for its maintenance.

Differences between loft and study 5

In conclusion, if you are looking for something comfortable and accessible in terms of price, a study can be a good option. If, on the other hand, you want something broader, something that you can also use as an office or commercial space, a loft will be the best option.


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