Striped sofas for the living room

A striped sofa It can be that seductive element that marks true trend in our living room or lounge. The stripes create style and propose a visual depth that a plain upholstery, for example, does not have. Therefore, these striped pieces can become the best way to bring all the style to this specific space of the house.

Striped sofas 1

The possibilities, as always, are endless. Softer colors for the less daring, pastel shades combined with white to enhance more classic environments, suggestive proposals of various shades including golden brush strokes, multicolored proposals for more youthful or dynamic spaces ... here is a good variety of trends that we can explore.

Striped sofas 2

Striped sofas 3

A striped sofa, usually with vertical stripes, can be combined with the rest of the living room elements without any problem, if what we are looking for is a more uniform style and, therefore, less eclectic. We will play with the colors in different surfaces: sofas, curtains, carpets, cushions ... creating an atmosphere with mystery and sophistication.

Striped sofas 4

In more countries or shabby chic environments, the stripes are revealed as a great trend to combine with different details and make these atmospheres breathe charm on all four sides.

In addition, we can use more pop prints with multicolored stripes in much more cheerful, festive and dynamic tones.

Striped sofas 5

And a classic that never fails is the mixture of black and white, which used on the sofa as a leading part contributes to create fabulous neo-romantic, sophisticated and modern environments.

Striped sofas 6

Striped sofas 7


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