Striking kitchen fronts in various materials

The kitchen front It has an eminently practical role, to protect the wall that is just behind the cooking and work area. But because of its situation, it is an important point to which we usually direct our gaze as soon as we enter a kitchen. This makes the ornamental component of the kitchen front also very important. Let's see below a good selection of eye-catching kitchen fronts in various materials that can serve as a source of inspiration.


There are options for all tastes, most practical and decorative, others more decorative than practical, but everything depends on the taste and needs of each.


The recovered wood can also be used to cover the kitchen front. Choose the type of wood and the treatment so that it does not fill with stains. It combines very well with cement, concrete or concrete and stainless steel.



The wallpaper can also be used to decorate the front of the kitchen, yes you have to choose the right one, those made specifically for this function. They can be combined with other materials, top with marble, or customized to taste as in the one below.



The mirrors are a fantastic material, it protects and also goes very well for small and dimly lit kitchens. We can find a wide variety of mirrors in various finishes for this purpose.


In addition we can find very original DIY ideas to little that we investigate. This kitchen front is decorated with coffee beans placed in a wooden frame and coated with epoxy resin.

The hydraulic tiles are made with compressed cement and can be smooth or in relief, as well as monochrome or polychrome. They are an interesting option for classic style kitchens. Although we have to make sure beforehand of its resistance to stains.



The stone can be another material that we can use in the front facing of the kitchen. We will find in multiple finishes and varieties, smooth or with textures, but it will also be important to know their porosity to avoid absorbing the liquids commonly used in a kitchen.



The metals are also a great material, from the classic stainless steel that gives a professional air to the kitchen and is extremely practical to other more decorative solutions such as these decorated tin plates.



The small size tiles in metallic finish are another option to consider if we like the shiny finish of the metal.


Copper can also look fantastic especially when combined with wooden furniture in a similar tone. It is a great way to get a kitchen that will stand out for its warmth.


The slate paint is another classic nowadays. It is easy to apply and allows to free our imagination to get the decoration that we like the most in each moment.


This kitchen front covered with pebbles is another example of very interesting DIY decoration. Perfect to achieve a natural effect in our kitchen.


Marble is a noble and elegant material that will fit perfectly in a kitchen of classic, vintage or rustic style. In this case they have opted for a checkered design that still emphasizes more that vintage effect.




Tile is still the most used material to cover the kitchen fronts but apart from its almost infinite possibilities in terms of design and color, it is necessary to take into account the way it is installed. Above we can see three different examples that deviate from the way they are usually installed, following a pattern of bricks in rope, spike or column.


With this sophisticated acid crystal design we conclude this review that we hope will serve as an introduction and inspiration for you to decorate your kitchen front.


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