Storage space in small rooms

When your bedroom is small there is no choice but to sharpen the wit and take place where there is none. With these ideas that we show you today you can improve the storage space in small rooms easily and quickly.


Custom furniture is the best option to get the most out of your room. Here we see furniture made to take advantage of the space at the head of the bed. This one in particular offers plenty of storage space.


Same as this one but in another style. It is about taking advantage of the space that we would normally occupy with the bedside tables. Of course we get a lot more storage space.


The same idea can be transferred, for example, around a window, as we see here. In passing we can make a bench under the window and have a nice reading corner.


Or around the door. Actually, as you can see, we are only subtracting 50 cm from the room, since most of it is vertical space.


It is clear that a custom furniture, no matter how simple, implies a good financial outlay. But there are more options, an open shelf also serves us and certainly will be quite cheaper.


The headboard of the bed can also be used and will only take 20-30 cm at the most. And in return we will have an extra space to store objects.


This drawer shelf in the style of those commonly used in kitchens allows us to have a good amount of reading by hand to read in bed.


The space under the bed can also be used and again there are several possibilities, simple or complex, expensive or economical. This proposal with baskets is very practical and economical.


These drawers will require a minimum investment and in return offer a lot of storage space.


In the market there are many canapés that allow us to store quilts, pillows and bedding in a comfortable and practical way. And they are not much more expensive than a fixed couch.


And if we do not mind sleeping a little higher we can choose a modular bed in this style with many drawers.


There are many other possibilities, basically those that take advantage of the vertical space of the bedroom. Shelves open as in this case.


Or hanging cabinets as in this proposal. The solutions are very varied and will depend entirely on our budget.


Between a sideboard, a hanging closet and some shelves you can make the most of a small room as we see in this image.


The open shelves are very economical and allow us to have the books and many more objects that we can place in boxes.


When you do not fit a bedside table you can replace it with a small shelf. It will do the same paper and you save a pretty important horizontal space.


The frame shelves can serve you for this mission. And obviously you can install them the size you want.

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