Storage ideas for the children's objects

Getting the house tidy when there are little devils among the inhabitants of the home is quite a feat. But everything is possible in this life and a fundamental part of the education of our offspring is to instill in them the sense of order. For this, it is necessary to facilitate the work and provide them with the best tools so that they can store their toys and the tools they usually use.

Storage ideas 1

Keeping the car collection of the boys is very easy with this fantastic idea. Magnetic strips where to dispose them, in addition they will love and sure that the fact of placing them on the decks will become one of their favorite games especially if they are children of a few years.

Storage ideas 2

Fabric sacks are a perfect choice for modular construction games. It will also allow them to take the pieces with them when they go to a relative or friend's house.

Storage ideas 3

Shelves specially designed for your favorite books that allow them to have them at your fingertips and in sight.

Storage ideas 4

This ingenious solution made with plastic cubes joined by flanges is an easy solution to develop and very efficient.

Storage ideas 5

The classic metal baskets are a decorative element that allow storage and makes it easier for children to find their things.

Storage ideas 6

This point is very important, we have to make things easier for you and that is why this idea with transparent boxes is also a great idea. The children must be able to find what they are looking for at first glance, we avoid with that they stir and create a chaos greater than the one we intend to avoid.

Storage ideas 7

The PVC pipes are easy to work with and will help us not only to create a storage space but at the same time to create a fantastic decoration.

Storage ideas 8

Wooden boxes recovered and conditioned for handling by our children is another solution for storage and organization of great visual impact.

Storage ideas 9

Storage ideas 10

For the small objects treasured by our domestic artists nothing like transparent jars. Colored pencils, waxes, markers and small toys are easy to organize with recycled kitchen jars or jars and decorated with animal figures.


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