Storage ideas for a craft room

Having a room for crafts at home is a great idea, as well as a privilege. This small workshop does not stop being part of the house and, since its use is fundamentally practical, more than decorative, we will need new ideas to store all our tools in an organized way.

Storage ideas 1

The idea of ​​a briefcase to store the paintings or the jewelery utensils is an excellent idea, because when deploying it we will have everything at hand, but conveniently ordered. If you like vintage, you can use an old suitcase restored for use as an artist's briefcase.

Another great idea is to use Glass jars to store paints, brushes, scissors, balls of yarn and wool ... These containers, in addition to beautiful, allow to keep a lot of small objects in little space. Also, being crystal we will know at all times what is inside.

Storage ideas 2

The cupboards-showcase They are also a great idea. And, if they have drawers, so much the better.

Storage ideas 3

For those who have a tailor shop at home, a hanger It is the best way to have the ribbons and fabrics well organized.

Storage ideas 4

The illustrators can order their tools to draw with this practical piece of furniture:

Storage ideas 5

Storage ideas 6

The wool coils are perfectly arranged in this piece of furniture and with these practical tubes, which also, as you see, do not take up any space.

Storage ideas 7

For office supplies (clips, thumbtacks, stapler, glue ...), these plastic trays They are very cute and also have many compartments. If you look closely, you will recognize ice molds in them.

Storage ideas 8

In DIY mode, we can create our own office tray with an egg carton that is in good condition. Super practical!

Storage ideas 9


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