Storage ideas behind the doors

The interior part of the doors of the cabinets offer us a vertical plane that we can take advantage of to increase the storage capacity of any of these or similar furniture. With some auxiliary elements and a little imagination we can use the inside of the doors of furniture and cabinets to store different objects. It is an idea that we can use in different rooms of the house, in the kitchen, the bathroom, the rooms, the office or office and in any other room where we have some furniture with doors.

Storage behind the doors 1

In the kitchen we can take advantage of the door of the pantry or of the different modular furniture that make up our kitchen. The rails that are used to make shelves are a very practical option. We can add different accessories, baskets, hooks, etc ... that will allow us to store a large number of objects.

Storage behind doors 2

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As you can see in the images above the rails for shelves complemented with baskets will be ideal for storing spices, preserves and a host of products. The possibilities are enormous and we can also customize them to suit our particular needs.

Storage behind doors 5

In your creative space you can also take advantage of the doors of the furniture to keep your craft materials well organized. When one or one is engaged in crafts, you know how important it is to have well-ordered materials. For several reasons, one is that they will be better preserved if you keep them in proper conditions and another is that you always know what you have and what you do not. If you keep the materials in drawers or boxes, one above the other, you can never be sure of what you have in each moment.

Storage behind doors 6

Storage behind the doors 7

Some elastic and some thumbtacks are all you need to have your decorated papers perfectly placed. A complement of those used in the bathroom for toilet paper or towels will come in pearls to have your tapes and your washi tapes located and ordered.

Storage behind the doors 8

The wardrobe of your room is another piece of furniture whose doors you can take advantage of this way that we are proposing to you to have more storage space. There is a large amount of everyday wear and accessories that you can have well stored and handy.

Storage behind doors 9

Storage behind the doors 10

Storage behind the doors 11

Storage behind doors 12

Cork strips can serve as jewelers and space to hang your notes and reminders. Your toiletries will be perfect in plastic boxes that you can attach to the door. Bars and different models of hangers will allow you to easily store your costume jewelery and the clothes that you wear with greater frequency.


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