Stone walls in the bathroom

The bathrooms with stone walls They have a particular charm, that rustic flavor so evident makes you travel back in time to past times. A bathroom that looks old or vintage but with all the amenities that the market currently offers in regards to toilets. We now go on to show you some examples of bathrooms with different degrees of rusticity, with more or less stone walls.

Stone wall in the bathroom 1

The combination of old stone walls with the coating of the bathtub in cement makes a good contrast. The cement for the floor or on some wall perfectly combines with the stone .

Stone wall in the bathroom 2

On this occasion, we also see in this example the contrast with the cement, the bench and the lower part of the wall has been made in this material. The vaulted ceiling and the stone walls are a real marvel.

Stone wall in the bathroom 3

In this example, the front wall cloth is made of stone and the sink of white cement. Very elegant mirror, with a golden frame and leaning against the wall.

Stone wall in the bathroom 4

Another example, the stone wall and mortar. The sink a block of stone and the floor and the cement bank. A nice combination

Stone wall in the bathroom 5

Stone on the front wall and cement on the side wall and the front of the sink. A sink with an old laundry flavor.

Stone wall in the bathroom 6

These stone-clad walls using the mosaic technique are charming. The wooden floor brings warmth and is a material that also combines perfectly with the stone.


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