Stairs of colors

Many people forget about them when thinking in decorative terms and after all they are an important part of any house that has stairs . It is more, it becomes a very important part because it is the one that will always take us to the bedrooms or go down to the kitchen, living room or garden. So you should never forget your decoration. Usually they are made of stone or wood, but they can also be decorated in a very modern and original way.

Stairs of colors

We can do it in different ways and with different styles taking into account steps, railings or railings, and even the walls . We can decorate all of them or just one. The results can be very beautiful but not all are prepared to carry out a renovation like this at home. Let's see more in detail some proposals ...

Stairs of colors 1

Multicolor staircase - Photo nº 1

This is a very colorful design, very hippie and quite modern. It is not suitable for all audiences -not all homes- you like it or hate it, but it is a very original idea that was designed for a decoration exhibition in New York. How have they done it? It is very expensive? Can we do something similar at home? YES! It is made only with colored adhesive tapes , so we can do it at home and experiment with the design we want. You encourage me to try with you stairs ?

Stairs of colors 2

Multicolor staircase - Photo nº 2

Stairs of colors 3

White staircase transformed with a colorful striped carpet

Stairs of colors 4

The same idea as the previous proposal, only that in this case it kept its original wood color.

Stairs of colors 5

A different multicolor version. Each step was assigned a different color.

Stairs of colors 6

Originally made of marble, the color of this staircase came from wooden slats painted in different colors and placed on the steps.

Stairs of colors 7

A special carpet, handmade by the hostess, in which she joined different pieces of color to upholster the entire staircase.

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