Staircase as night table

We must be encouraged to innovate in our home. And if we are thinking about redecorating and we do not have money, a good option is to recycle and reuse what we have at home to try to renew ourselves.
Therefore, today we bring you a new tip or advice to not spend money.

Ladder as light table

If you do not want to spend and you do not have a night or light table, as they say in some countries, this may be a possible solution.
There are always small staircases for various uses in the houses. And on more than one occasion, our grandmothers, mothers and even ourselves, we have saved old wooden stairs that we no longer use. That is why, you can remove the dust, and use it as a night table.
At first the idea may be a bit strange, but think of the functionality and originality of using it in this way.
If it's old and ruined, you just have to sand it and polish it a bit. This way you will have room for your books, your lamp, the alarm clock, to take something to take and even to put other personal items that you want to have every night at hand.
Encourage yourself to renew without spending a lot of money!

Photo: MarthaStewart

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