Spiral stairs in modern homes

The spiral stairs, traditionally known as spiral staircases , they are a striking element of the architecture of housing and from which we can also take advantage. Thus, we can take advantage of this surface that connects two heights to put a distinctive note in the house and create a nice corner around it.

Spiral stairs 1

In this sense, due to its characteristics, the spiral staircases do not allow much maneuvering, but we can adapt the peripheral space that surrounds them to place some accessories that allow us to give more life to this passage area of ​​the house. Some suggestions that we propose you are to locate plants, an always satisfactory resource, in addition to vases, small sculptures, paintings and photographs ...

Spiral stairs in modern homes

Spiral stairs in modern homes 1

There are also different types of spiral staircases, from the most vertiginous to other more modern options. Its steps can be made of marble, wood or other materials, but what is clear is that, if your home is lucky to have one, more than one look will always go to the vertiginous staircase that makes it up. The elegance of these stairs is beyond doubt.

Spiral stairs in modern houses 2

If your house has two heights, you can also decide to build one; yes, we recommend that, if possible and for safety, always place a handrail. It will be much easier for you to get up and down, and they can help you even to exercise daily.

Also keep in mind the separation of the steps: if you prefer that there is no gap between them or if there is one, or if you want to put a small rug or leave the steps bare ...

And not only can we find them inside the home, they can also be placed outside, like these spiral staircases belonging to this beautiful country house:

Spiral stairs in modern houses 3

Photos: readydesigns.in ; charterworld.com

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