Special sofas

The sofa It is the central element of the home: where we relax when we return from work, where we meet with our relatives, where we read or watch movies. A sofa It is always important in our homes, but we can turn it into a special piece, in the objective of all eyes.

Special sofas

This sofa, from vintage style , it seems taken from Hollywood and has a woman's name: Rebecca . Of broken white skin, it can look good in both modern living as in a more classic one. Combined with a long-haired carpet would create a beautiful rest area .

Special sofas 1

Others that would never go unnoticed are this set of two sofas , from much more modern lines, coming from a line called Capsule Sofa . They combine perfectly with both white and full-color accessories.

Special sofas 2

This is a sofa with simpler lines, its attractiveness are the prints of bright colors. Spacious and cozy, perfect for simple rooms that need an element that provides color and vitality. Is called Forum , and it is pure Italian design.

Special sofas 3

The last one is the Kube Sofa . Your strong point? In addition to being a modular sofa and to be able to adapt in a thousand ways to the living room, is that each module is a different textile, with prints of stripes or flowers, or plain colors. A casual style for modern and fresh livings.

Photos: sweethomedecorating.com

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