Special reading corners - Third Part

Decor of special corners: reading corners. In this, our third and last installment, we bring you some more models of decor .

Special Reading Corners - Third Part-03

Each one has its unique details. In some, more money has been invested, in others less, but all of them comply with the purpose for which they were created: to be those favorite places to retreat to read a good book while enjoying a hot cup of coffee or chocolate , a good wine, or some delicious snacks.
In the first one we can see how the spaces have been unified and the corner of letura has been transformed into a space where we can also play good music together with the warmth of fire in winter.

Special Reading Corners - Third Part-01

Here, it has been prepared in a more reserved and solitary space, where you can enjoy the tranquility.

Special Reading Corners - Third Part-02

A good sofa by the window, natural light and light colors, are the great allies.

Special Reading Corners - Third Part-04

Taking advantage of that space next to the window where we never know what to put ... a cushions, a lamp and some plants transform it completely.

Special Reading Corners - Third Part-05

For the most sophisticated and modern, a black armchair with a red cushion and a modern lamp is enough ...

Special Reading Corners - Third Part-06

Encouraging colors is always an option. A fun armchair in turquoise, with a cushion with flowers and a good rug to support our feet when we are barefoot.

Special Reading Corners - Third Part-07

This corner is a little more special. A real and great armchair, with a puff on the side to support the feet or books and next to them, the shelves on the wall that have the complete collection of their favorite childhood toys ....

Special Reading Corners - Third Part-08

Candles and plants next to natural light to achieve harmony ... more than one neighbor will be jealous of this corner!

Special Reading Corners - Third Part-09

A little more novel, the library on one side, the favorite photos of his trips back, an electric fire and a good armchair.

Special Reading Corners - Third Part-10

This is the favorite corner for those who are addicted to reading and who read more than one at a time. Books, books and more books!!!!

Special Reading Corners - Third Part-11

This last corner is worthy of a woman, even the detail of the small side table with flowers, warm slippers for winter and fashion and decoration magazines ...
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