Special lighting for outdoor dinners

One of the great charms of outdoor dining is not only the opportunity to enjoy the outdoor breeze, but also the possibility of mimicking the decoration with the different elements of the garden. That is why we are going to dedicate this article to some special ways to illuminate dinners and evenings 'outdoors' , that is, outdoors.

Outdoor lighting ideas 1

One of the most economical and fun ways to illuminate the table is to employ spherical paper lanterns , which give a very cozy and unconventional lighting. It is perhaps the most used ideas for birthdays, anniversaries and more informal events.

Outdoor lighting ideas 5

Another idea is what we present below, based on a lighting with small light bulbs . This idea is based on deploying different rows of light taking advantage of the structure of a ceiling, to distribute them over the entire area.

Outdoor lighting ideas 2

Or we can distribute illuminations on the surface of the table with as much originality as the idea of ​​using spheres of light , so that we will have a uniform decoration but, at the same time, delicate and familiar.

Exterior lighting ideas 3

Another common resource is to use candles of different sizes , which makes us have a more intimate and special lighting. These candles can be distributed both on the table and in other sides around it.

Exterior lighting ideas 4

The light lamps and other sources are very solvent resources to illuminate these outdoor spaces in a light, not overloaded. Resources all of them so that the nights abroad are always unforgettable.

Outdoor lighting ideas 6

Photos: partylightsguide.com

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