Spacious apartment in Nordic style

This spacious Nordic-style apartment is a good example of the fact that Nordic or Scandinavian style does not have to be cold by force. Here we see that thanks to a good choice of wooden furniture, carpets, furs and two extraordinary traditional wood stoves can create a very cozy Nordic style.


The living room is spacious and has elements that convey warmth in addition to having a traditional Nordic stove in one corner.


Stove that not only provides heat but also becomes an important element of the decoration of this living room.


The wall of whitewashed bricks and lighting based on spotlights with metal grid screens gives an industrial touch to the whole.


The textiles used in the decoration of the room provide texture and warmth. In the same way chairs and other elements of natural wood.


The skins add a little more warmth and are a good contrast to the lighter textiles.


The kitchen is also spacious and although it is separated communicates with the living room by a wide opening.


The white predominates in the kitchen but nuanced by the black countertop and the slate that create a good contrast.


The kitchen has two dining areas, a larger one for meals and a cozy corner for breakfast.


The breakfast corner takes advantage of the space under the window where a bench has been installed.


The kitchen cupboards are modern but have a lovely vintage feel.


The textiles and the whitewashed brick front are responsible for providing texture to this kitchen.


The bedroom has a work or study area very well integrated into the whole.


The other stove in the house is located here, in the bedroom, and in addition to heating the room makes the room much more cozy.


The built-in wardrobe has Venetian doors that add texture to the bedroom.


The work corner is well concealed thanks to its whiteness, broken only by the small black slate.

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