Spaces of the Balinese style housing

The Balinese style It is a trend in the whole world thanks to the harmony that its interior designs and, above all, exterior. It is a typical Asian style with characteristics of the Indonesian island of Bali, from which it takes its name.

Lebanese style decoration 1

In it we will find the identity signs common to other Asian decorative styles, but with the particularities of their origin.

Lebanese style decoration 2

Lebanese style decoration 3

On the one hand, we have wood as an absolute protagonist material, which undoubtedly gives it a very colonial and beautiful appearance. The wood is present in the furniture, but also in its decorative objects, from ornamental pieces such as bowls and vases, to ethnic figures and carvings. The tables, in general, are usually low, to adjust to dinners at ground level, on cushions and cushions cushions circular.

Lebanese style decoration 5

Also the wicker and other textures equally flexible are very present in these environments. Carpets and weaves of bamboo canes, lattices, bamboo covers and, above all, lots of vegetation. The abundance of tropical plants is what gives this style its naturalness and freshness known.

Lebanese style decoration 4

As for the chromatic range used, earth tones are the most common, tones that bring these spaces closer to nature, from which they take all their exuberance and exoticism.

Lebanese style decoration 6

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