Spaces for cooking outdoors

An idea to hold lunches and dinners abroad is, if you have a garden, mount a kitchen abroad. It can be very practical to make large barbecues, for example, or to make food while the guests take something in the garden.

Outdoor kitchens 1

The advantage of these kitchens is that they hardly take up space, since they usually have just and necessary: ​​a tap, cooking fire and a small compartment or cooler to keep food in good condition or store drinks.

Outdoor kitchens 2

Outdoor kitchens 3

Another advantage of cooking outside is that the interior of the house is not impregnated with the smell of food, especially in the case of grilled meat, etc.

Some of these outdoor kitchens can be made of stone, like those of the old villas, more appropriate for the exterior. They can be covered by a roof that protects them from the strong rays of the sun and bad weather.

Outdoor kitchens 4

Outdoor kitchens 5

These ideas of organizing a small meeting place next to the kitchen can help us to better monitor the food while it is cooking, without neglecting our guests. The presence of a fireplace or even a wood oven can also be an essential element for our outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor kitchens 6

Outdoor kitchens 7


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