Spa style bathrooms

Are you thinking about changing your bathroom? Here you will find all the keys to catch all the trends of 2013.

Bathrooms as spas 1

Minimalism predominates with hanging furniture of straight lines, which help to gain space. The white color as the protagonist combined the wood finishes that bring warmth. All the firms are taking porcelain designs with imitation wood finish, a great help since wood and humidity do not get along very well.

Bathrooms as spas 2

White and minimalism will be complemented by details in emerald green and vintage or chic inspiration. The faucets in cascade, metallic and with LED environmental lights.

Bathrooms as spas 3

Each time the space is smaller, which makes the solutions for saving space a trend. Shower or bathtub? For the same theme of space the answer is shower, although anyone who has the option to choose should not give up any. Or as a last option there are designs that combine both.

Bathrooms as spas 4

A bathroom with spa inspiration not only meets all 2013 trends, but it is also a more than desirable option. The shades of emerald green of the plants, wood finishes, metal in faucets and white stone in the toilets. We can add compositions of candles and floating flowers, in this way we will introduce the fire accompanied by the water present in all the baths. In this way we already have the 5 elements Feng Shui water, fire, wood, metal and earth.

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