Sort clothes without lockers

Sometimes, due to lack of space, we can not have a good closet where all our clothes fit. It is time to start looking for other solutions that allow us to order the locker room in conditions, keeping it perfectly placed so that it does not wrinkle or stain. There are very good and different ways of organizing without having to depend on a closet and without taking up too much space in the room.

Sort the clothes without lockers 1

One of these solutions, the best known, is to make you a "donkey" like the ones that exist in the exhibitors of the clothing stores. It is a metal bar where we can hang clothes and have it in view to quickly choose the clothes of the day, very useful if we go in a hurry and we have to locate a garment in a short period of time. There are different capacities and you can leave them in a corner to keep the clothes well protected and not in the middle.

Sort clothes without cupboards 2

Sort clothes without cupboards 3

Another interesting formula is to store clothes in small plastic boxes. This is more appropriate when it comes to keeping underwear, bedding, towels or other items that do not wrinkle easily or are especially delicate.

Sort clothes without cupboards 4

Here we have this other idea: store clothes in a small shelf compartmentalized by a series of canvases. We can store the shoes in boxes prepared for this, and place the rest of the clothes in the cart-shaped drawers. A closet customized and very easy to move or dismantle, where also fits all our clothes, footwear included.

Sort clothes without cupboards 5


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