Sophisticated stylish loft

The spectacular decoration of this loft is the work of Alexander Keith Powell , a renowned interior designer who came to Miami with the intention of developing his career as a marine biologist but discovered in this city his talent for interior design. In this loft he fully develops his personal style based on elegance and sophistication.

Modern loft 1

Located in Miami, this luxury loft looks spectacular with the personal style of the author of its decoration. Luxury, glamor and indigenous touches of the old art deco that shone so much in the past in this city. In the 20s and 30s of the last century, this historic style was of fundamental importance in the urban planning of the city.

Modern loft 2

Blues, gold and silver they stand out on a neutral base to create a different and authentic space. Of course very personal.

Modern Loft 3

The open kitchen is based on the always wise combination of stainless steel and wood. The floor of the apartment is covered with large marble plates that create a unified and luxurious space.

Modern loft 4

Exclusive furniture like this Italian-made dresser and the curious crossed-legged stools create a unique, different atmosphere with a touch of boldness.

Modern Loft 5

The views from the loft, thanks to the large windows, are another luxury of the loft both during the day and during the night. A spectacular loft whose interior design may like more or less but certainly represents a great job with a particular style. Alexander Keith Powell has left his personal imprint on him with elegance and style in abundance.


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