Sophisticated bedrooms in gray and white

These spectacular bedrooms they combine two colors so rightly sober as they are the White and the Gray . The neutrality of one adds the clarity of another, achieving a beautiful effect of elegance and sophistication, very suitable for all types of decorative styles.

bedrooms in gray and white1

The sobriety of the gray and the naturalness of the white highlight the most intimate aspects of the stay and give the whole a very natural finish. Gray can prevail in walls and floors, in sheets and quilts, in furniture and cabinets, or in accessories as striking as cushions and cushions, paintings, lamps and carpets. The white enters the scene to avoid saturation and illuminate every corner.

bedrooms in gray and white2

bedrooms in gray and white3

To this chromatic támden you can add other colors that enhance the decoration even more and break a bit with the prevailing monotony. We recommend the use of dark shades such as brown, romantic like violet or blue and some amber counterpoint. We will multiply the visual effect of beauty and comfort.

bedrooms in gray and white4

The incredible effect of the faded gray wall enhances the bedroom, embellishing it to the fullest.

bedrooms in gray and white5

bedrooms in gray and white6

bedrooms in gray and white7

bedrooms in gray and white8

Sophisticated bedrooms in gray and white

bedrooms in gray and white9

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