Something more than a blue desk

Leisure, work and residence are the three functions for which this small apartment on the Upper West Side of New York has been designed. The space available to the apartment is very limited, 42 square meters, but despite this it has been possible to create an environment where the owner can work, live and spend some good moments of entertainment without leaving home.

Functional office 1

This original office was developed by Michael Chen and Kari Anderson of Normal Projects and thanks to the ingenuity solved the serious problem of space posed by the tiny apartment. The removal of most of the walls of the apartment and the concentration of the kitchen, a wardrobe, a bar, a bed and an office in a multi-purpose blue lacquered module located in the center of the room was able to maximize space and Housing functionality.

Functional office 2

The perforated metal panels, with which the multipurpose module is provided in the office area, allow to visually lighten the blue module. Being able to see through the panel the feeling of isolation is considerably reduced.

The modules of this type are a good option both for small apartments, where they allow to group all the needs of the inhabitants in a few square meters, as for lofts in which they help to concentrate in a certain point different functionalities, leaving the rest of the space open. They are usually designed according to the available space and the particular needs of the inhabitants of the house.


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