Some weekend decorative projects

The small changes produce great transformations and the best thing is that they do not need big investments or a lot of time. In a weekend you can make any of these decorative projects that we show you below. Take a look to see if you find your next decorative project.

Decorative ideas 1

Nothing transforms a piece of furniture as a change of color, painting that piece of furniture that already makes you a bit jaded can be a good idea. Also do not cut and go a step further, introduce a geometric design using paint pens. You will transform the whole room with a change like this.

Decorative ideas 2

Do not you have furniture in the hall yet, do not you decide on any? Trunks placed vertically can serve as a receiver and with a large decorative impact.

Decorative ideas 4

Decorative ideas 9

The lampshades of the table lamps are a surface that allows multiple treatments. A small intervention in them will have more impact than you can imagine. You can paint with watercolor any design that you like or make it with fabric or paper tape.

Decorative ideas 6

And if you have a piece of furniture similar to the one in the top photo and the environment is neutral, perhaps introducing some color in the bottom of the piece of furniture will create a beautiful impact that will attract all eyes.

Decorative ideas 7

And what do you think about creating a frame with paint on the wall? A daring but spectacular option, with great impact despite its simplicity.

Decorative ideas 8

Decorative ideas 11

Print in large format a photograph of our taste and assemble it in a black frame with a large white background will create a stunning and easily realizable decoration. Also take advantage of a curtain rod that we no longer use to hang simple decorative objects with fabric ribbons is an easy, economical and very profitable idea.

Decorative ideas 14

Decorative ideas 12

Decorating the walls with decorative vinyl is an interesting option that will not take us long. We can even take advantage of some of these vinyls, such as those in the shape of a tree, to create a family tree with photographs of family members.

Decorative ideas 13

We can also transform or improve blinds and curtains by adding a strip of fabric in a contrasting color or design to completely change its usual appearance.


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