Some storage ideas in the air for your kitchen

Regardless of the size of our kitchen, always, something more than storage capacity always comes in handy. As you know in recent times, this takes a lot of the open shelves and shelves to organize the kitchen. We are going to give a review to a few ideas around this topic.

Some storage ideas in the air for your kitchen

The open shelves have a double role, they are used to store things and at the same time to display them, because we leave them completely in view. They are therefore functional and decorative at the same time.

Some ideas of storage in the air for your kitchen 1

There are different solutions in this regard. In a kitchen of modern design, minimalist cut we will be interested in the floating shelves. Those who have the hidden anchoring system. They look great in a modern kitchen when no support element is seen. When we install open shelves in our kitchen we will reserve the lowest ones for the objects of most habitual use and the highest for those that we use less.

Some ideas of storage in the air for your kitchen 2

It seems a truism but you have to use shelves of the same decorative style as the rest of kitchen furniture. They may vary but always keeping us within a similar design. We will find a thousand and one finishes that will allow us to find the best one for our kitchen.

Some outdoor storage ideas for your kitchen 3

In a white kitchen we will use white shelves and in a colored wooden shelves of the same style. As we see in the two images above. We can also see that in the white kitchen the shelves are integrated between the hanging cabinets forming a set. And in the wood finish has been used a rail anchoring system that looks great in a modern style kitchen.

Some ideas of storage in the air for your kitchen 4

We can still go one step further and simply eliminate the doors of our kitchen cabinets. Converting them into huge air shelves. It is a good option when you want to transform your kitchen without too much budget. You only have to disassemble the doors and in any case put the holes in the hinges and give them a coat of paint so that the cabinets are completely new and transformed.

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