Some ideas to create a breakfast corner

Have a little corner for breakfast, what in English they call " breakfast nooks "It is not that it is essential but it is very pleasant and practical. Many times it also serves to finish finishing the decoration of a kitchen when you have the feeling that something is missing. And of course having a good time on Saturday and Sunday while having a quiet breakfast is priceless. So if the idea makes you dull here are some ideas to create a breakfast corner .


There are two elements that can not be missing in a breakfast corner, the benches and the windows. They are as if we said the essentials but rather by tradition than by anything else can be replaced by other options, banks, windows is that the truth accompany a lot and it is always good to let your eyes rest on the horizon.


Here you have an example of minimums, a simple bank in L and a table no less simple, you do not need more in reality but it is a beginning.


Up to elaborations as well built as this, full of elegance and sophistication. A little wonder where you can do more than breakfast.


Banks are a good idea because they offer us a good place to sit and also give us the opportunity to use them for storage.


This breakfast corner is not far behind in terms of elegance and sophistication. On the sober white background stand out the black table and the metal chairs.


Traditionally the banks were opened at the top and used as a trunk but we can go a step further and integrate drawers with which are more practical to store things.


If the architecture accompanies the corner it can be as complete as this one. Wallpaper and wood panels to define a space clearly.


This adorable cafe-like corner is very well and takes advantage of the light of the window. In just one square meter you can have everything you need.


Some "rinconcitos" are very relieved. This one for example is suitable for a large family or for a lot of visitors.


Another example of elegance and sophistication applied to the field of corners for breakfast. Very well dressed the bench with all those beautiful cushions and fantastic table.


In a contemporary style there is also room for a breakfast corner as is clear in this example.


The breakfast corner is a familiar place and where we should feel comfortable before everything. We can take advantage of this informality to use it as a gallery for the works of our children and also for them to draw and paint near us.

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