Solutions to create neutral environments

Creating a space where both people of one sex and another can coexist does not consist of decorating using beige tones and asexual elements or that combine the characteristics of both sexes. You can create environments where typical elements of both genders coexist. It is about finding a wise balance between objects, patterns and colors, both typically masculine and feminine.

Decorate neutral environments 1

Generally in homes where only people of the same sex live, it is usually tempting to create extremely masculine or feminine environments, as the case may be. And when two people of different sex share a home, there tends to be excessive neutrality that results in a cold and artificially neutral environment. The solution to this problem is to place in a room, for example, like the one in the upper photograph, clearly male elements such as wooden floors, steel and leather furniture, decorative objects related to the animal world. But softened in turn with the addition of flowers, plants, statues, mirrors, which help to soften the style and give it a feminine connotation.

Decorate neutral environments 2

Combine soft and hard decorative elements, match unequal elements, two different bedside tables for example. Different chairs, similar lamps but of different colors. In other words, combine masculine and feminine objects.

Decorate neutral environments 3

This can be done even in a nursery for a girl, for example, so that the total set is not too cloying. Combining soft colors, such as the typical girl pink with elements in deep orange, will create a more natural environment. The key is to combine colors, structures, straight lines and curves, mixing in short so that the decoration is more ambiguous and not so decanted to one extreme or another.


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