Solutions for small spaces

Nowadays, when buying a house, we almost always find some lack of space, and we are forced to resort to solutions that, sometimes, do not even come to mind. However, if we investigate a little, each time the market offers us many and varied solutions, not only in spaces but also in home furniture.

Ideas for small spaces 1

This table is a coffee table, but when you need a dining table it rises and extends, resulting in at least 6 people comfortably. In this way, we saved a considerable space.

Ideas for small spaces 2

When we are aware of the lack of space, the best solution is to buy and make the furniture tailored to our needs, as this proposal will cover almost all our shortcomings. We just have to think about "dead holes". The stairs, storage on the top of the bed, trundle beds, couches ...

Ideas for small spaces 3

This solution draws special attention, since the bed is up and take advantage of the entire gap below for the study and storage area. It is simply a matter of taking advantage of space vertically, and not just horizontally.

Ideas for small spaces 4

For when we live in very small spaces where there is more than one room together, and this solution does not convince us, there are furniture techniques that will help us hide or disguise what we do not want to be seen.

Ideas for small spaces 5

In this example, what is hidden by folding doors is the furniture of the kitchen, but with this same system you can hide anything you do not want to show, from the kitchen, to a bedroom or laundry.

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